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2014-07-23 11:37 pm


How is my Vanyel? All comments are screened and anonymous will never be enabled. Thank you for taking the time to leave me critique!
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2014-07-23 11:36 pm

IC Contact

"If you seek Vanyel Ashkevron, you have found him."
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2014-07-23 11:21 pm


Abilities. )

Vanyel's Thought-Sensing and Projecting require obvious player permission. If you're okay with him sensing your character's mood or thoughts, cool. If not, equally cool. (And Projecting is him projecting his feelings/thoughts onto your characters. The same deal applies with it.) I won't make any assumptions and I will ask beforehand, but if you want to give me an answer right here, please feel free.

Also Extraplanar Proxy will not work as he is unable to contact other planes while in the game.